General rulesGeneral rules

A summary of the rules, the observance of which is the basic prerequisite for approval and launch of banners using the advertising system.These rules will serve as guidance for banner creation. Their observance simplifies the whole process of launching advertisements. Exceptions will be handled individually. 


If not otherwise specified, these rules apply to all banners

  1. The advertisement must not be too aggressive, meaning shivering or blinking - banner that in a very short time period - less than 1 second - changes colours, titles or any other graphic items (those can disturb users from site work) violently, we consider as an aggressively blinking banner,
  2. The advertisement must not contain vulgar words or images or other features in bad taste,
  3. The advertisement must not surpass approved data limits,
  4. The advertisement must be of the right size for the required position,
  5. The banners must be sufficiently visually different from the website content throughout the display period (animation) i.e. the border, background colour, etc.,
  6. The advertisement must not contain operation system control items and must not look like a system message,
  7. The advertisement must not contain sounds, except the video banner,
  8. The advertisement must not feature Butkaj.com brand name,
  9. The advertisement must not contain form to fill in,
  10. Flash banners must have a fixed background color (e.g. photo, color area) as they are inserted into pages in the transparent mode,
  11. For special advertisements, cooperation with Butkaj.com experts is essential (the representative handling the advertisement will provide contact details),
  12. Flash banners must not overload the CPU,
  13. Creatives in HTML format must not go over the data limit for the specific format,
  14. All the flash banners located on websites must be set to "_blank,
  15. When displaying using a JavaScript interface, it is not permitted for any external codes to use the IFRAME element on any level,
  16. External codes must not cause web page errors (display errors, JavaScript errors),
  17. External codes and their creatives must not go over the data limit for the specific format.


The most frequent reasons for rejection of materials  

1. Missing borders
The Flash creation background is too light or the border is incomplete (usually the frame only goes along the left and upper sides of the banner or vice versa). Or the frame is completely missing.

Create a 2px line with banner dimensions (e.g. 120x600px) and then centre it. Subsequently the frame will intervene in the banner by exactly 1px on every border. 

2. Data size
The advertising system has a maximum data size set for every banner, therefore if the creation exceeds this limit even by a single kilobyte, it will not be accepted.

Adhere to the maximum allowed data sizes. If the creation cannot be compressed to a smaller size, negotiate permission for higher data size for a supplementary charge with the dealer. 

3. Aggressive animation
The animation is too fast or various elements of animation alternate in quick sequence.

Keep a fluent course of the animation and beware of markedly changing colors, headings and other significant graphic elements, which may disturb the user when working with the page. 

4. Wrong functionality of interactive formats
All interactive formats must have precisely defined functionality according to the specification.

Create both creations exactly according to the specification.


Advertisement formats

Advertising campaigns, where the individual adverts and banners are launched, are entered into this system. The system controls whether the entered parameters of the creatives (banner graphic design) conform to the chosen advertising format, and then launches the banners according to set conditions. It also keeps statistics related to their launch.

Static banners
- creatives in bitmap format (*.gif,*.jpg,*.png)
- flash animations (*.swf)
- HTML banners (html code which can contain pictures, text and flash animations)
- text creatives: static banners are shown in their positions on the website; there is no interaction with the user that could influence the website. They have to comply with certain general rules specific for positions and creative formats.
Interactive banners
The same combination of creatives as in static banners, which interact with users on the website where shown (Mouse roll over the banner or a part of it, click, first page display etc.); they can temporarily change the appearance of the website on which they appear. Interactive banners can't be launched using an external code, other rules govern the format and position where the advertisement is to be shown.

Direct mails
E-mails sent to the Seznam E-mail users, as simple text, text with an attachment, or in HTML format

Dynamic banners
The same combination as in static banners. While keeping to specific rules, the client can change creatives as needed without any additional approval

Special formats
All special formats must be discussed individually. Their implementation is always handled individually. Special formats are also all other formats.


Common formats

The following table lists all the advertising formats used on the majority of Butkaj.com servers. Some special formats may require other limitations and rules for their creation for the advertisement to be approved.


 Format name  Type  Size (px)  Data Size (kB)
  Leaderboard  Image / Flash               728x80 px  50 kB
  Banner  Image / Flash  468x60 px  50 kB
  Half Banner  Image / Flash  234x60 px  30 kB
  Skyscraper  Image / Flash  120x600 px  50 kB
  Wide Skyscraper  Image / Flash  160x600 px  50 kB
  Vertical Banner  Image / Flash  120x234 px  30 kB
  Large Rectangle  Image / Flash  336x280 px  50 kB
  Medium Rectangle  Image / Flash  300x250 px  50 kB
  Square  Image / Flash  250x250 px  40 kB
  Small Square  Image / Flash  200x200 px  40 kB
  Small Rectangle  Image / Flash  180x150 px  30 kB
  Button  Image / Flash  125x125 px  30 kB
  Wide Link  Text 728x15 px -
  Banner Link  Text 468x15 px -
  Medium Link  Text 234x15 px -
  Small Link  Text 120x15 px -