Photo GalleryPhoto Gallery

Your own page features

  • Unlimited multiple albumscategories support
  • Inserting unlimited number of photos
  • Meta-Data editing (title, descritpion, etc.) of each photo with an external XML file
  • Thumbnails enlargement when mouse over
  • Playing user defined MP3 file
  • Slideshow browsing + control panel
  • Easy and quick to use
  • No software to install & no programming knowledge required

I want my own page with gallery, what to do?

  • Open a new ticket in Support section and send us your photos and requirements
  • In 24 hours you will have an example page
  • See how you can customize it
  • Read FAQ and feel free to send us a ticket via Online Help,
  • If you like it, you can pay for it
  • Use this page with photo album on Web Sites, CDs or DVDs

Photogallery Examples

Flash - Gallery 1

Flash - Gallery 2

Flash - Gallery 3

Flash - Gallery 4

Flash - Gallery 5