Q. How does the gallery work?

A. The Flash SWF file reads the images, music file and photos descriptions placed in your web directory and displays these content inside the photo gallery. Application will load only actual album so loading is quick. If you select another album to view, application reads new content immediately.


Q. Can I customize my photogallery page?

A. Yes. You will get an email with instructions how to customize your own photogallery page. Feel free to contact us, if you have any problems.


Q. Can you do customizations on the gallery or create a custom gallery page for me?

A. Yes. We first customize your gallery page for you, and then if you like it, you can pay for it. Customization includes user defined titles, texts, images descriptions, music files, albums titles and many more.


Q. Can you add images to photogallery page periodically for me (for example every month)?

A. Yes. You will send us email with photos and we will create new album into your photo gallery. However it could not be cheap paying program. Please try to understand it takes time to maintain galleries periodically no matter you or  we are doing this work. And time is money...


Q. Can I use a language other than English for the titles and descriptions in the gallery page?

A. Yes.


Q. Can I add or change music in  the photogallery page?

A. Yes.


Q. Can I have more than one gallery page on my website?

A. Yes. You can have different albums in one photo gallery or you can put your photo gallery to different pages of your website.


Q. How will i receive flashgallery page?

A. You receive the link to download your photo gallery. If your download is too big for you, we can put it on your site via FTP account. If your download is small we can attach download file within email to you. Feel free to contact us, if you have any problems.


Q. What will I receive when I purchase a flashgallery page?

A. You will receive a zip file containing a Flash SWF file, images, music files, gallery customize file and instructions on how to add your photos & albums to the gallery page in the future.


Q. How will i send you my images to put it to the gallery?

A. You should send us only your photos so you will see how your photogallery page will look like. If you will not send images for us, we will use some sort of sample images. Later you can change this photos with your own images by yourself. If you are not even little computer skilled, you can contact us and we will send you the description how you can give us all your photos to make you fully working photo gallery.


Q. Can I add the photo gallery inside of another flash movie.

A. If you know how to do this, this is fine. Our photo galleries were designed to go on a html page. Our support will be limited to helping you set up your photo gallery on a web page not inside of a flash movie.


Q. The gallery I am interested in plays MP3 music. Can I stream my MP3?

A. No, the gallery will load the MP3 to 100% and then play.


Q. Can I stream music from another location to be used in the gallery?

A. No. In order for the gallery to read MP3 files they must be located on the same server as the gallery SWF file. But we/you can customize gallery to play same or different music for your separated photo albums.


Q. The music in the gallery takes a long time to load my song.  

A. The application can not control the speed that it takes to load a song. The speed depends on two things, a) your internet connnection and b) the size of the song that you choose to add to your player. To make your music load the songs quickly you should choose MP3 music that is small in size (3 MB or less).



Q. I changed my titles and description but gallery still loads previous texts? 

A. Because of your previous visits, you may need to delete files saved on your disk, to see the most actual texts in gallery. You should clear you cache in your Internet Browser (In the Microsoft Internet Explorer go to Tools menu, choose Internet Options and search for Temporary Internet Files in the General Tab. Dialog window will open when you click on Delete files button. Please check the Delete offline content before you confirm this dialog window.). Other users do not need to clear cache from Internet Browser.


Q. Is there a way to format the application for slower download speeds (33.6 kb)?

A. No. However speed could be increased with using smaller pictures. Also putting images to more different albums will help, because only actual album will be read when you browse your photo gallery. Other images will load only when you select another album to view.


Q. Is the flash source file (FLA)  for sale?

A. No, not at this time. Photo galleries were created for the basic website owner who does not have Flash design skills but wants to have a great flash photo gallery with music on their website.


Q. Can I resell or give away copies of the gallery?

A. No. This violates the license agreement.