Top All-TimeBomber At War 2 – Battle For Resources

Bomber At War 2 – Battle For ResourcesBomber At War 2 – Battle For Resources
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Play through 20 levels of frantic air battles, eliminate hostile enemies and take aim at specified targets, including planes, battleships or turret stations. Earn money to customize your ship and buy upgrades such as heavier armor, stronger bombs, and newer engines to help you take to the skies and eliminate all opposition. Out-maneuver enemy fighters, circle around, and then put him in your sites! Reign down bombs ships, blimps, and other planes. There are also tons of achievements to unlock and other added bonuses. After all, it’s not flying; it’s falling, with style.
Press Left and Right arrows or A/D keys to change direction, Up and Down arrows or W/S keys to change speed. Space bar or X key to fire main gun, CTRL, Q to drop bombs. Use Z key to deploy flairs to get rid of homing missiles. Stay high in the air and drop bombs from above. Avoid the dogfight if you can or practice shooting the planes down. Move quick, aim your bombs, and have fun.

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