Top All-TimeMedieval Rampage 3 – The Rise Of Dragons

Medieval Rampage 3 – The Rise Of DragonsMedieval Rampage 3 – The Rise Of Dragons
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Relive the action in the Middle Ages in the third part of Medieval Rampage. Epic adventure where you engage battle shootouts and test both your skill and wits. Complete all 21 missions and kill the enemy in the most violent way possible. Finish campaigns, reach and liquidate the final boss. This challenge is greater than ever, can you prove you have what it takes to defeat the rise of dragons and save the world?
Press WASD or Arrow keys for movement. Use your Mouse to shoot arrows with your archers to cause serious injuries. Press Space bar key to activate special abilities and skills containing invisibility for stealth kills and sprint or shield for your defence. There are different modes taught in the game including Capture the flag, Territory war, Team battle, Survivor, Dragon battle or Free for all mode.

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