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The game will take you to the battlefields of the World War I. The French pursuit-plane was on a combat mission when it was suddenly attacked by a group of Germans. Six O’Clock High is a chaotic new aerial dogfighting game. Take to the skies with super easy and intuitive controls, unique graphics and a thirst for gunpowder. It’s all about becoming an aerial ninja while piloting your plane throughout waves of skilled enemies. The best fighter aces will be sent against you, do you have what it takes to win the day? Now get to it pilot, we need you in the war effort!
In the role of military pilot you have to fight in the air against enemy planes. Use your Mouse and the plane follows your cursor. You can use WASD or Arrow keys to direct your aircraft as well. Shooting on enemy air planes is automatic. Earn upgrade points after each wave to spend on 14 different aircraft upgrades. Select titanium armour, rockets or a dangerous english breakfast. The battle will be hard and dangerous, but you must survive and accomplish your mission.

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