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Solve a mysterious crime, the murder of a beautiful young girl with a tattoo of raven. Use your detective skills and abilities to uncover clues which stem multiple investigations and lead you down on a challenging path! This point and click escape game is uniquely developed with 3 long winded stages which will test you logic and problem solving skills. Embark this journey as John Anderson, a detective that has come back from an extended break on the task force. The detective arrived to the city from a vacation. Suddenly he received an urgent message that there was a girl murdered in the street. Go there immediately and investigate this terrible crime. Good luck solving the crime, and be careful… the streets of New York City are dangerous!
Use your Mouse to move the detective, main character, John Anderson. Examine evidence and question witnesses and police officers in order to gather as much information as you can. Activate switches, pick up objects, use your cell phone and read text messages and talk to police officers at the scene of the crime to gather more information to piece the crime together. Track down a serial killer, over 50 items to find, travel throught beautiful maps, collect various objects and combine them to dive deep into the evidence. Play through the in game tutorial to learn quick commands and learn the skills you need to catch the culprit and to solve this mysterious case. You will get hints and material evidence during the process of investigation.

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