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Theft Punk is a challenging top-down puzzle game spiced with the retro jazzy atmosphere. The main character is a silly little robber on a quest to steal all the diamonds in the city, and by the end of the game he will steal your heart as well. Stick with this charming bad guy to the end of his journey to discover the unexpected twist to his story. Find 30 unique levels divided into 5 different locations, each bringing new game features, polished sounds and graphics, smooth jazz music and humorous outro.
It starts with the punk placed in a room rife with gems ripe for the swiping. Help the cunning thief steal all the shiny diamonds within the city. With each hit of the Arrow keys, you will move in that direction until encountering an obstacle or gem. When adjacent to a gem, you will collect it with Space bar key and removing it from the playfield. Levels are complete when all gems have been collected. You can restart level with R key. Later levels will introduce more complicated solutions with direction pads or sliding chests.

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