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Strand is a compelling puzzle game that immerses the player in a unique environment. Players must pull and weave strands through obstacles to create networks of connections that solve each level. Strand gradually adds difficulty to become challenging without being overwhelming, with a respectable 25 levels, will leave you wanting even more puzzles to solve.
Click on a hub to create a strand, and click on another to place it, completing a connection. When each hub requires no more strands, the level is complete. The circles need to share a color, and strands can't touch one another. The number within each circle is how many connections each hub needs in order to solve the puzzle. Strands can only connect hubs that share at least one color. Strands can be cut (removed) by clicking on empty space and dragging across them. Click the reset button at the top to completely start over. In advanced levels, the mouse can be moved around pegs to bend the strands around obstacles.

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