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The animals have been kidnapped by an evil Doctor Wolf, and the brave friends – a bee and a puppy – went to rescue them. Solve the puzzles, release the poor prisoners and try to collect as much honey as you can destroying as many different-coloured figures as possible.
Match 4 and 5 blocks to craft keys, free your friends and stand-up for your land. Use your Mouse to click and drag blocks to move or swap them freely. No need to make matches to move blocks. To save animals, line up 4 and 5 blocks of the same colour to craft Silver and Gold Keys. Match 3 keys to open a lock. Open all lock on the chest to save the animal. Every level has a honey pot. If you fill it, a bee will be able to join you to help you in your quest. Bees are very useful. They can open locks, clean some pollution and attack bosses. Every match gives you a honey drop, but if you perform combos (double, triple match one after another), you can get more honey drops. The longer the chain of matches, the more honey drops you receive for every match. When a level is polluted, you can’t craft keys or gather honey. When matching 4 and 5 coloured blocks, green leaves are created instead of keys. Match the leaves together to clean pollution.

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