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Escape the testing facility through the creative use of your own corpses. You are a simple, citizen-class robot who has been abducted by Dr. Nemesis and forced through his weapons-testing facility. The good news is that he has replicated you, so with each horrid death comes a renewed hope of escape. Try to pass all 21 of his “anti-hero” rooms in this puzzle-platformer, and he will allow you to escape. But can you acquire the five keys that give you access to Dr. Nemesis himself, so you can exact your sweet, robotic revenge.
Lead the robots one by one through a labyrinth at Tyrant Labs full of traps and obstacles. Help the scientists and move and jump with WASD or Arrow keys, making your way to each room's exit. Two types of weapons will impede your progress. Explosions, which will drop your body to the ground (where it can be pushed), and freezers which will halt your motion in midair. These can come in the form of stationary bombs, pewing lasers, or flying trackers. After each death, a new body will be replicated at the start of the level, and if you've killed your way into a corner, R key will restart the level and clear away all corpses. Use M key to to mute/unmute music and press Enter to continue to the next level.

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