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The Great BazookiThe Great Bazooki
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The Great Bazooki is a magician known far and wide for... balloon popping. It's a balloon-bursting game where you play a flashy magician whose claim to fame is some truly stupendous card throwing. Killer show to impress a rich brat at his birthday party with popping balloons with cards, teleporting, using magic hats and complete with pesky rabbits to avoid saw blades, guillotines, and even rings of fire.
Your job is to impress your discerning clientele by popping all the balloons on each stage with a limited number of cards. Just hold your Mouse button to aim and release to throw a card. Use the projected path as a guide to help aim. Once your reach a certain level, you can teleport between locations. Don't forget to avoid rotating saw blades, guillotines, rings of fire which can spoil your shot very easily.

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