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Alice In Clumsy LandAlice In Clumsy Land
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Girl Alice appeared in the Wonderland. Alice returns to Wonderland to find the Queen is at it again, and the citizens are missing some valuable items. In this gorgeous physics puzzle, with a ton of levels and challenging design, this is a familiar but formidable little game fans of the genre will love.
Alice must help her new citizen friends in wonderland to collect precious items for them so they can pay taxes. In each stage, the goal is to deliver an important object to each area's Wonderland citizen by using your Mouse and clicking pieces of scenery to remove them. The watch will follow the natural path that physics and gravity dictate, and it's up to you to use other objects, like bouncy cushions, to get it into the character's hands. Each stage also has three optional stars to collect that may take a bit of extra thought and planning to nab, you may need help of other characters like mad hatter or posh caterpillar.

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