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Tesla: War Of CurrentsTesla: War Of Currents
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As you know, Tesla was a great scientist, inventor and researcher who discovered a lot about the properties of the currents. Thomas Edison was his biggest competitor. He decided to interfere Tesla's researches and built aggressive towers on his way. Help Tesla to destroy all the towers and to get to the exit from each of the levels.
Guide your robotic army through a deadly maze of Edison's constructs, rescuing puppies or by contacting Martians. Use your Mouse and hire units by clicking the top-left icon. Click the arrow symbols on the map to change Tesla’s direction. You can also earn a total of three stars for each level to spend on upgrades to improve both Tesla and your various robots. Try to unlock hidden units. Open the robot management screen to upgrade any bots with cash for the duration of the level. You can also use alternative keyboard controls: Arrow keys to scroll the map, Shift key to change the game speed, Ctrl key to manage your team and Space bar key for tactic mode.

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