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Looking for tools, ways to measure how good you are at multitasking? This is a fun way to measure your skills and challenge your friends to see who scores the most. Nothing to kill, nothing to build or nothing to guess, just a skill game success of which depends on your multitasking skills and your reflexes. There are 4 stages in the game and each stage consists of simple, individual tasks, all of them are easy to handle but when you add up all these tasks, it gets a real nightmare.
You start off with a solo task of keeping a ball on a line, by regulating the line with Left and Right Arrow keys. As player trying to keep a ball balanced on a platform, another mini game soon appears, requiring players to press the Up and Down Arrow keys to move the blue colour vertically and avoid spikes coming from the left and right. The game continues in this manner, with new mini games appearing as time passes. The game ends when players make one error.

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