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Snail Bob is finally coming out of his shell! Unfortunately, his path to true love is paved with peril but he must not be led astray. Falling in love with a celebrity isn't just for humans – it happened to snail Bob, too. Although in his case, reaching his beloved singing snail superstar means more than wrestling with bodyguards. This puzzle adventure includes avoiding monsters, getting trapped in crab-filled sand pits and stung by bees, so snail need all the help he can get. And wouldn't you like to help two young snails live happily ever after?
Bob moves on his own until you stop him, either by clicking on him or pressing the Space bar key, and you can control his speed and direction by clicking 1,2 number keys or the two action buttons in the upper right corner. Make sure Bob reaches his love by manipulating all sorts of buttons, platforms and other contraptions and finishing all twenty-five fun-packed levels. Every level has three stars you can find, and this time round they seem even more fiendishly hidden than before. Uncovering them is a challenge in its own right, especially because they unlock mini-games, an all-new, all-cute side feature. You can also use your Mouse to control your Bob snail.

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