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A Walk in the ParkA Walk in the Park
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Must seek a way out of the park, while solving simple puzzles. To jump simply press the Arrow Up Key, R to restart the level, Space or Enter to the next level. The blue box with a plus on it makes the leash longer, while the blue box with a minus on it makes the leash shorter. If you pick up a fly-cap, you can press and hold the Arrow Up key to fly. But remember that you don't have unlimited fuel. If you press Arrow Down key you will bark. Barking is usefull when you want to interact with the environment. In levels where you can find crackers you have to pick up all the crackers in order to finish the level. In some levels you need to push a button to be able to get to the finish. Bunnies can be useful if the buttons are too far away, or if you need to press many buttons at the same time.

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