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Step-by-step fight with bright cartoon-like graphics and a beautiful design. Just like any other RPG game, the battle in this game is a turn based mode. So you have to wait until it's your turn to make a move. Each character have their own commands, even tough there are commands that every character share altogether like items and alchemy. The fight and numina command is based on the character level and skill that he/she learnt. More level you have, more skill that you learned and of course more commands you will have. Learn each skills and use them wise to wins. To select certain comand in the battle menu, just click what command you want and click the target you want that commands to be applied to. You can buy items. But unfortunately the item shop onli lies in the city. So before you unlock and able to visit the city, you will not be able to shop any items. Numina is special skills that make your character able to summon some powerful god/goddess patrons. Numina are very powerful and consume a lot of MP points. Each patron has they own capability, some have very destructive effect and some have healing power. So you really have to know when and where you want use them. Stretegy is the key.

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