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In Infinity Forever you play as one of the last of the Circles, a race which has been almost exterminated by the Squares. You are a member of a Circle militant group and your goal is to tstop the oprression cause by the squares. To complete this mission you must navigate your way through the sewers underneath the Square's capital city and into the building of the square leader where you will attempt to make him see reason in whatever ways you can. The journey through the sewers is not without risk. It is regularly patrolled by squares and is filled with traps to stop an operation exactly like the one you will carry out. You have 3 lives to get through each level. Each time you lose a life you will be invulnerable for several seconds while you respawn. Once you lose all of your lives you will have to start the level over again. The objective of each level is to locate and enter the portal to the next level.

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