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Toxie Radd 3D is the third episode of the Toxie Radd saga and marks the jump from top-down to a full 3D first person shooter! It’s the story of Joe, an ex-inmate used as a specimen for a mad experiment. His right arm was removed and replaced with a gatling gun. He managed to escape the prison while it was under attack by zombies in episode 1. Then he teamed up with a mysterious doctor, and he followed the trail to an abandoned factory where (after he “dealt with” a giant brain monster, Joe style) he found evidence that all this mayhem started in Central city in episode 2. Now Joe’s on his way, following an underground route that will lead him to the heart of the city. However, things are never as easy as they appear... Joe will move automatically on a predetermined path. Use the mouse to aim, and click the left mouse button to shoot. You can keep the mouse button pressed for sustained fire. Mouse to Aim and fire, Spacebar to Bash enemies in melee range with the gatling gun, Left/Right Arrow (or A/D) to Strafe left and right to dodge enemy projectiles, Escape or 'P' to Pause the game.

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