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Your hero was locked in a deep cave with various creatures. The goal of Diamond Hollow II is to climb the cave while collecting diamonds and defeating enemies. As you climb the cave you will encounter diamonds. Collect these and use them to upgrade your abilities. Collect powerups and other handfull items, they will aid your quest along the way. There are 3 modes: In story mode you will explore various environments as you attempt to escape the cave. Each level will end with a showdown with one of the professor's most powerful constructs. In Escape mode you will attempt to outrun the professor's rising lava pool. Boss rush will pit you against the professor's constructs, one after another. To start Escape mode or Boss rush mode, you have to finish some chapters of Story mode. As you obtain diamonds, don't forget to upgrade your abilities. Their powers will aid you greatly in your assault against the professor. Navigate the cave using WASD or Arrow keys, aim your gun using the mouse, and use the left mouse button to shoot (or hold to continue shooting).

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