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Twirl and HurlTwirl and Hurl
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Using quick reflexes and your mouse, create a path for our hero whose hunger for candy is only slowed by his unfortunate lack of eyes. By spinning tiles and avoiding obstacles and enemies, you'll send him on a thrilling, gumdrop genocide mission through 45 challenging levels. Click a tile with the mouse to rotate/twirl it clockwise. Create a path for the main character to safely reach the exit. Avoid enemies. Hitting them will make the main character vomit and you'll lose a life. Don't forget to collect treats. Holding the space bar will make the main character move faster (helpful for running to the exit so you can get as many time bonus points as possible). When your bonus runs out a tornado enemy will appear and begin moving through the level turning tiles hither and thither. Hurry to the exit or he'll get you. Trap enemies in areas of the map you don't need to travel to so you can safely pass by unscathed. Treats are optional and will gain you extra points but you don't need to collect all of them to finish a level.

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