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Mooo Twooo! - Genetically EnhancedMooo Twooo! - Genetically Enhanced
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Crazy scientist has invented a drug for turning cows into pig and sheep. In each level, you have to roll up all the experimental test bottles with the potion. Sometimes you have to use injections to reach potions. Use your mouse to click on yellow haystacks to remove them. Get the cow to the bottle of Mutatium. Click on the cow to inject it with Mutatium. It will turn the cow into flying pig. A second injection of Mutatium will turn your pig into a sheep. Sheep cling and hold onto things. Inject the sheep again to turn it back to a cow. The number of Mutatium doses you have is shown at the bottom. You can also create your own level and there is 30 standard levels and infinite amount of levels created by players like you!

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