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Galactic Colonization has begun. Your main mission is to colonize all the planets in each system. Send your population to take over the planets and colonize the galaxy. Control your space armada of ships and move from planet to planet trying to control your universe. Conquer planets, build your fleet, deploy your defenses. Galactic Colonization is a game of strategy and defense. Send your fleet to conquer hostile territories, defend your planets with force shields and laser turrets or use virus attacks with target converters and logic displacers.
Use your mouse to command your troops and control the game. You control the green planets and the number represents the planet's population which increases over time and depends on the size of the planet. Gray planets are uninhabitated. You have to send specific amount of ships to such planet to take control and for sustain life. You gain a minimal amount of resources per day for every planet you own. These resources can be used for power, speed, health and radar upgrades and planet defenses.

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