Top All-TimeCity Siege 3 - Jungle Siege

City Siege 3 - Jungle SiegeCity Siege 3 - Jungle Siege
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Kill the baddies and rescue the civilians. The jungle has been taken over by a hostile army. Build up and control your army to destroy the baddies and free the natives. New features include varied terrain like water, lava, swamps, bridges or volcanic levels. New Baddies including Tesla Coils, Jeeps. New Units including Molotov Guy (burn stuff down), Bomber, Jeep and Tesla Tank. There is also improved strategy and unit balancing, all together 30 new levels just as funny and explosive as before.
Click on a Unit to select it. Use cursor or WASD keys to control the unit. Use your mouse to aim and lick to shoot. Baddies will only fire at you if they can see you. Collect stars to upgrade your troops. Loss of Civilian life will incure cash penalties. VIP's must be saved to complete the mission. But some objects can explode. Use in-game tutorial and training to learn the game.

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