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Send out large waves of many different types of units as you try to conquer the AI base. The main objective of this game is to destroy the enemy castle and protect your castle. The castles have 20000 live and this cannot be increased or repaired. To attack the enemy castle, you must train soldiers. To do so, click which soldier to train. You can also build a tower defense by clicking the tower and placing it in the red area. You can buy different towers and replace your current. You can train maximum of 50 soldiers in battle at a time. There are 45 different soldier types and 15 different towers in this game. At the beginning you can only select 3 soldiers and 1 tower. Later new soldiers and tower will appear. You can use special weapon to attack the enemy but can only be used one time. You enemy also have a special weapon. With every new soldier you can use a new special weapon. Press space bar or "P" to pause and show the options menu, don't forget to click NEXT or PREV button to explore all soldiers and all towers available. You can set the DELAY NEW for new soldiers anywhere between 10-180 seconds by clicking options button in the main menu. You can also watch computer vs computer battle by clicking demo button in the main menu.

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