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Zombie Pinball is those two great things put together. This isn't just zombie themed like in graphics, it actually features zombies. Use the graveyard pinball machine to score points and smash zombies. Zombies come out of the ground from tombstones and you get points for squishing them with the ball. Zombie Pinball does try and make a very detailed pinball game. There isn't one "layer" of pinball but rather three. Each with a separate, but still with zombies. Not only this but there does seem to be goals. Break apart all the tombstones, complete the Satanic ritual, etc. There is also dungeon levels that you can get to if you hit certain spots.
Left and Right arrow to move paddles, Down arrow to control the plunger. Hold Down arrow to charge the plunger. You can also set your own keys to control the game.

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