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Ride and do bike stunts with the stickman rider. Try out different tracks and finish them as quickly as possible in Stickman Freeride. Click on the map at the right of the screen to choose your course and begin. Gain a bronze, silver or gold metal, the higher you place, the more money you earn. Use your money to upgrade your adrenaline, tires, frame, suspension, and brakes, all indicated at the bottom of the screen. With enough money you can click on the arrows beside your bike before you select your race to upgrade to a better bike. When looking at the map you can hold your curser over each track to see how much money you ear for achieving a gold, silver, or bronze placing. How you place will depend on how many second it takes you to finish, the second amounts for each placing is indicated, along with the money amount earned. Return to previous tracks to achieve a better time and earn more money. Click on the bus van to see your achievements.
Use arrow keys to accelerate, brake and lean left or right. Use space bar to jump and R to reset.

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