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Creeper World 2 – AcademyCreeper World 2 – Academy
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Think you saved humanity…? Not so fast! On the eve of your glorious campaign to retake the galaxy a new threat emerges. Fight the Creeper in a new environment while you excavate and build your industry of war. Use new weapons as you face force fields, phantoms, and pressurized Creeper levels you never dreamed possible. Only the truly brave will prevail!
Creeper World is a game with both real-time strategy and tower defense elements. Players must survive the onslaught of the titular blue mass which rises up the playing field and attempts to destroy their base of operations. This is achieved by gathering energy and using it to power weapons which stave off the Creeper long enough for the player to link the place with each level's energy totems in order to escape to the next level.
Mouse to build from menu. Click drag to excavate terrain. < and > to change game speed. P to pause, but you can still queue commands while paused. See in-game help menu for more instructions.

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