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Air Hockey World CupAir Hockey World Cup
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If you love air hockey, try to defeat all your foes in Air Hockey World Cup. Beat all the players in each country and become the world champion. Select from arcade, versus, or world mode. In arcade mode, the goal is to destroy all your opponents cubes placed in front of their goal before they destroy yours. In world mode the first player to score 7 goals wins. In both cases if time runs out, whichever player has destroyed more cubes or scored more goals wins, if tied, sudden death starts and the player to score first wins. If a player has the puck on their side of the table for more than 7 seconds, that player commits a foul and the opponent is granted with a service. In versus mode play classic air hockey with no time limit - destroy all your opponents cubes in less time. You can choose the difficulty level of your opponent. In order to unlock all opponents, you must defeat them in arcade mode or world mode first.
Use the mouse to move your mallet and lead to pointer in the direction you want to hit the puck in. The faster you move your mouse, the harder the puck is hit and the faster it will move.

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