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Neon Race 2.0Neon Race 2.0
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Race through futuristic tracks colliding and avoiding cars to earn money. As you earn more money, more cars become available to you. You can upgrade your car's speed, acceleration, handling, and nitro, then you can engage your turbo for super speed. As levels progress, more cars are introduced involving different strategies. Beat the minimum time to pass the level. Smash into red cars and avoid hitting blue cars. Smash into yellow rival cars for turbo boost bonuses. Ram killer cop cars off the road or evade them with your turbo. Drive into power up icons to activate them, these include cash, rampage (making all vehicles smashable for a limited times), stealth (making you invulnerable to vehicle collisions, and score (for bonus points). Your score, time, distance, and turbo are indicated at the top of the screen.
WASD or Arrow keys to drive, X, N key or Spagebar to use the turbo.

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