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Captain Log and his crew got their hands on Davy Jones’ Locker but some greedy Spaniards want also to get their filthy paws on the treasure and now our brave crew, being led by the courageous captain is on their tail, going to a war on the seas. Defend the treasure and your watery path against pirates with cannons and artillery.
Use your Mouse to play the game. Select a tower from the right-hand of the screen and place it on the ground. The „X”-es marks the spots. Call in the next wave by pressing the red button. Place towers carefully in the path of enemy boats to slow them down. Killing an enemy boat will make it drop its valuable cargo. Collect it quickly before it sinks! Towers gain experience by shooting and can be upgraded once they level-up. The goal of each mission is to defend your wrecked treasure ship. Enemies that breach your defenses will end up stealing some of your treasure. The game ends if you run out of treasure to defend.

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