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The goal of the game is to create a complete world step by step, including flora, fauna, humans and even dinosaurs, through solving logical puzzles based on nonograms. Most of the gameplay consists of solving the puzzles, and each puzzle you solve creates an element in a brand new world, which gives the game a Doodle God feel. It starts out with the simpler things like sand and fish, but you eventually work your way up to bigger, more advanced puzzles and creatures. The beautiful and humorous graphics and characters offer a charming appeal. The unique reward-mechanic and the tried-and-tested, addictive puzzle gameplay create a flow that invites you back to yet another and another playing session.
Each number on the panel indicates the number of contiguous blocks in the row or column. Two numbers means that each run of bolcks must be separated by at least one empty square. Try to start puzzles with higher numbers and if a square cannot logically contain a block, it helps to mark it with X. It can be played entirely by using the mouse only. Aditionally you may press and hold the space key to toggle between placing a block or an empty X mark.

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