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Main action is set on a usual dining table. Thanks to main character’s (a little boy’s) imagination, the table turns into fantastic battleground with hordes of enemy insects. All this happens right after family dinner. At a moment the child stays alone and terrible threat appears on the table. Awful bugs are coming forward to sugar-bowl. Our hero decides to start an unequal fight with the enemy. But ingenuity and power of imagination come to his aid – using surrounding stuff, things and toys he builds an impassable defense line; and waves of attacking invaders beat against it. The hotter the battle is thickening, the more fantastic surrounding world is becoming. Pilot your ladybird attack ship through waves of hostile creepy crawly bugs, shoot them down before they inflict any damage on your ship. Beware the final bosses after each stage.
Use mouse to play and left click to shoot, Space alternates your weapon. When a bug reaches your sugar – you lose 1 life. Player starts with 20 lives, when the amount of lives is 0 – the game is over. Player should build towers to shoot the bugs and not to let them reach sugar.

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