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Battle Gear vs HumaliensBattle Gear vs Humaliens
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A strategic war game from the creators of Battle Gear. The battle between two games finally started. The aliens are equipped with advanced technology and have great damaging power, but you've got to take up your arms and attack back to protect our homeland! Send your forces across the screen to defeat the different enemies you encounter. Who will be the master of the earth? Human beings or the aliens?
Press Left/Right arrows or A/D keys to scroll the field. Press Z or C keys to fast scroll to the left or right edge of battlefield. Press Up/Down arrows or W/S to control the arrow sign (just for manual troops). Money is used to train units in battle. Press P to pause the game. Click units to train or use 1-9 hotkeys. Use your units wisely. Read in game tutorial for all information, tips and tricks.

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