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Time Travel Research Facility 2Time Travel Research Facility 2
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Improved platformer where you can rewind and slow down time to uncover a sinister conspiracy. You are Daniel, a researcher at the Time Travel Research Facility where you study both time manipulation and dimensional transfer. But one day the extradimensional creatures kept in cages break free and wreak havoc on the entire facility. As Daniel tries to escape from the labs full of danger, he learns that the breakout was caused by more than negligence or coincidence. Treason may be found at the highest levels. In this platformer game, you rewind time to get to inaccessible places, avoid death or synchronize sentinels. You slow down time to avoid long trap corridors, outmaneuver extradimensionals and avoid projectiles. You can also pick up time grenades to send your foes into the future. This way, you can bypass them entirely or at least move yourself into advantageous position in the meantime.
Arrow keys) for movement. Hold A key or Shift to rewind time, hhold S key or Ctrl to slow down time. Press Space to throw time grenade (if you have any). Press R key to restart level. You gain 1000 points whenever you enter a level. You gain 1 point whenever you kill an enemy. You lose 10 points whenever you are “near death”. You lose 30 points whenever you restart the level.

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