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Endless Migration 2Endless Migration 2
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Endless Migration 2 is an artful, atmospheric video game about a flock of migratory birds lost in time. This game takes you through 2 of at least 7 planned environments and 9 of the 20+ planned bird species! While flying homeward, the flock strays off course into the Bermuda Triangle. Suddenly, the birds are pulled into a vortex, catapulted through a wormhole, and lost in time. It is up to you to use your knowledge of the flock to guide your birds safely home to the wilderness of present-day Canada.
Avoid dangers by steering your flock with the mouse, move the Mouse to guide your flock leader. Collect free birds to grow your flock. Click the Mouse to change your flock leader. Press Space bar key to pause the game. Spend skill points on adaptations! Have a blast!

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