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Effing Worms 2Effing Worms 2
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The worm is back and it's hungry. You still play as a huge worm who pops out of the ground to eat people and destroy everything. Feed the prehistoric creature with enough people, cows, chickens, underground bugs and planes flying overhead to make it grow bigger so it can evolve into it's full potential. After a 2 year hibernation, your worm shrunk back down but it still has it’s wings! At the end of each level you get to choose which evolutionary path you want to take. For example, be small to be faster or bigger to have more health. As you keep going you essentially become an indestructible and unstoppable force.
Use your Arrow or WASD keys to control the slimy worm. Try not to let it's hunger level drop too low or it will die. Watch out for soldiers shooting at you and tanks in later levels.

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