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Arcana’s DefenderArcana’s Defender
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In the beautiful mysterious foggy forest, magic pet Arcana was awaiting for his master to come back. Yet 3 days later when her own was back, she was chased by a gang of monsters. The loyal magic pet immediately shielded his master and fight against those monsters using his 5 magic skills. Help the ghostly wizard protect the young princess from zombies, pig head men, giant bugs and other henchmen sent forth by the evil lich king. Remember the princess only has six bullets left in her gun, if one more creep breaches your defences they'll haul her to the lich lord. A crucial dangerous fighting full of strategy and intelligence begins...
Use your Mouse to summon magical defense tower turrets to beat back the demonic hordes before they reach her highness and 1-4 number keys as hot keys to release your magical powers. Keep an eye on your dwindling mana reserves, to replenish it pick up vials from the battlefield.

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