Top All-TimeThe Expendables 2 – Deploy and Destroy

The Expendables 2 – Deploy and DestroyThe Expendables 2 – Deploy and Destroy
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Play sequel to expendables and issue orders to your highly trained commandos to defend the base against military incursion. Choose your squad from the biggest cast of action heroes ever assembled, set up your defences and then blow the enemy to hell. There i€™s an arsenal of devastating weaponry at your disposal, including gatling guns, rocket launchers, EMP blasts, air strikes, land mines, tank, choppers and even more. You can even unleash Chuck Norris berserker rage.
Use your Mouse to build, upgrade or repair machine gun towers and to order your highly skilled soldiers to shoot the enemy behind cover. For navigation use the Arrow keys or WASD keys to pan. Complete basic training to learn all Expendables before unlocking the harder missions. Collect the bonuses and use special abilities. You also can call on The Expendables and order them around the battle field to fight against the waves of enemies.

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