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Knightmare Tower is a fun arcade launch game. An evil residing at the top of the Knightmare Tower has kidnapped the 10 King's daughters. The King asks you, the brave knight, to save them. Launch yourself up the Knightmare Tower to fight off the monsters and rescue the 10 beautiful princesses! Slicing up enemies makes you bounce upwards, thus move up the Knightmare Tower, and earn gold. You should be quick, as the lava rises from below and, if you touch the lava, you will die instantly and should restart your ascending from the very beginning. However, after you die, you will be able to visit the shop and spend your money on different upgrades, like armory, accessories, and potions that will allow you to ascend higher.
In Knightmare Tower you can control your character with either the Mouse or the keyboard. Use Down arrow to launch. Move Left/Right arrow keys and dash monsters with Down arrow key. You can optionally use Mouse for movement and Left Mouse button click for dash.

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