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Obliterate your opponents as you place explosive devices at their feet to send them soaring in heaven. Make your little robot the cutest but most deadly bomberman-style gladiator ever! Test your skills against in either single-player or multiplayer mode. Each mode has a different mission, so pick one and let the action begin. Maneuver your way through the maze, grabbing helpful power-ups to give your robot an edge.
For single player press your Arrow keys to move and Space bar key to plant a bomb, for two players press WASD keys and Space bar key for P1 and Arrow keys and Enter key for P2 or alternatively customize your own controls. Grab important power ups such as extras lives, speed, health, invincibility or climb aboard a vehicle such as frogs, mammoths, sports cars or a skateboard. If you've played the classic super bomberman you'll love this.

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