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Enola – PreludeEnola – Prelude
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This exciting spin on the turn based RPG genre sends players on an epic journey across the land of Enola. You track down the monster that killed your beloved father. Battle a wild variety of enemies and bosses across 16 unique hand drawn levels. Collect materials, build new weapons and learn a devastating array of magic attacks. After completing the game, you enter prestige mode. You keep all your weapons, items and spells but all the enemies become much harder and you will have to complete each level again. This is only a prelude – bigger things to come!
Use unlocked spells and attacks to defeat enemies by reducing their health to zero. Select an attack from the list using your Mouse or Keyboard. Use your Mouse to perform sword or magic attacks against creatures you encounter on the road. Collect wood, gems, and gold bullion bars to craft new and deadly weaponry at the blacksmiths. Don’t use all your mana during battle, reserve enough to use your heal spell. Some attacks can only target one enemy, so you may need to select a target for an ability by clicking the symbol floating above the target.
ola prelude.

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