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Whether you love emoticons and want to see how many will fit on a page or wish they would all disappear, Smiley Showdown 2 will put a smile on your face. In each level, you start by controlling one smiley. Wait for a maximum number of smileys to congregate, and then click to make your smiley explode into lots of tiny pieces. These pieces will hit nearby smileys and start a chain reaction of explosions. In some levels you can hit, and then gain control of, special smileys with cannons or lasers, or you may have to destroy one giant smiley by breaking through its force field. Earn achievements as beat each level and progress through the game.
Wait, and then use your Mouse to click near a dense gathering of the smileys before making them explode. Some of them can split into four or more pieces so try to target them when they are in a group.

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