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A huge alien spaceship lost all its energy and now it is drifting directly to unavoidable death! Help two aliens to recharge power cells on 28 challenging levels. But remember that charging in open space requires high accuracy, so try to avoid unnecessary actions!
Use your Mouse to cross two different rays to power an energy cell. Click and drag UFO to change it's position. Use mirrors to reflect laser ray and change it's direction at the angle of 90 degrees. Double mirror can reflect 2 rays at the same time. Cross 2 rays with different colors on power cells to win. You can also use teleports to relocate UFO to nearby side. When you move UFO, each cell is 1 move. Number in the square shows amount of moves. You have total amount of moves shown in the right hand menu, yellow circle shows how many moves remaining for earning a medal. You can undo your last move.

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