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You worked up a sweat mastering the slingshot to be the best marksman of this land, and you made it. You’ve always hit the bull’s-eye, not only with your abilities but also with your brave heart. Everything was perfect until the leader of the Evil Tribe attacked your village and captured two children. It’s time to get them back, Tommy Slingshot. Under the magic attacks, which cannot be dodged, you must eliminate the tribesmen with your newest slingshot. Simply, target based shooting game where you help the best marksman in the land rescue kidnaped children.
Use your Mouse to aim, click to shoot. You just draw back and fire a stone at skeleton minions before they hit you with their axes or arrows. Try not to hit any porcelain pottery vases laying around, if you do your score will subtract by the damage you caused. Once you have enough money visit the shop to purchase better upgrades for your sling.

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