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Classic arcade based action game where you clear the tiles by dragging or selecting a range where each corner is the same colour. The basics of the game are simple: find and select rectangles or squares with corners of the same color. 6 stages containing over 90 challenging and fun missions, 12 different cubles to drive you to the edge of insanity, 288 bonus stars to be earned during the missions. Challenge yourself with 9 arcade modes, try gain as much points as possible and compete with players from all over the world. Do really well in the arcade mode and you might make it to the weekly or even the all-time high-scores.
Use your Mouse to drag or select a range. Find rectangles or squares with corners of the same color and select them by clicking two opposing corners. Be careful in later levels the native creatures have resorted to becoming a nuisance by creating water splashes, explosive bombs and locking of tiles so you can't use them.

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