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Starship Commander is a real time strategy game similar to Master of Orion, in which your task is to conquer the galaxy. Do this by growing your planets, producing fleets, and destroying the enemy. Building planetary facilities, research technologies, and assemble fleets to protect, and attack. Critical thinking, lots of Mouse clicking, trial and error… and a good ammount of patience. If you are not the kind of person that enjoys games in which you actually have to play well to win, then perhaps Starship Commander is not for you.
Conquer the universe by ensuring your race survives in the epic battle for limited resources. Use your Mouse to create orbital space stations and shipyards to defend your planets from hostile alien attacks. Manage your energy, ore (for buildings), crystal (for scientific research) and carbon (to construct ships) resources carefully. In game click & play tutorial, in depth instructions located on the game menu.

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