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Opera Mini™ is a fast and easy alternative to Opera`s mobile browser, allowing users to access the Web on mobile phones that would normally be incapable of running a Web browser. This includes the vast majority of today`s WAP-enabled phones. Instead of requiring the phone to process Web pages, it uses a remote server to pre-process the page before sending it to the phone. This makes Opera Mini™ perfect for phones with very low resources, or low bandwidth connections. Opera Mini™ offers the same speed and usability as the renknown Opera mobile browser, and uses Opera`s Small Screen Rendering™ technology to provide access to the Web. It has all the features expected of a browser, and more, such as bookmarks, browsing history, and ability to split large pages into smaller sections for faster browsing. This download file contains both MIDP1 lowfi and MIDP2 hifi versions. If you are unsure which one to instal please visit the following wap link, which will recognise your phone model and serve the right version -



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