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Want to find new friends worldwide? Tired of spending for MMS/SMS? -- ShootSend ( is a FREE mobile application which allows you to send pictures, voice and text messages to Skype users, e-mail accounts, as well as to other ShootSend enabled mobile phones. With the new search feature, you can now get in contact with other users filtering by name, country, age, gender. For those who don`t want to be contacted, an easy setting allows you to be excluded from others` searches. With new picture email support, friends can send text and picture messages to your phone from their PCs, addressing standard emails to -- How does it work? ShootSend uses a carrier independent, peer-to-peer infrastructure for delivering messages from device to Skype, from device to e-mail addresses and from device to device. This is called the Vipera network ( Vipera implements its own IP based multimedia message delivery and is totally independent of the MMS, SMS, billing and provisioning services of mobile carriers. -- Use Case 1. Start ShootSend on your mobile phone 2. Take pictures with your phone camera and attach voice and text messages 3. Select one or more destination addresses for the compound multimedia message. You can send to Skype nickname, e-mail addresses, or other ShootSend users. You can search for other ShootSend users from within the application 4. Vipera cross-carrier IP network delivers the message quickly and reliably to receiver`s skype messenger, email inbox or ShootSend inbox 5. Receiver can send back a reply to you and you will be notified (true push) 6. Check on ShootSend portal for all your traffic and much more! -- Special version for your phone!



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